Giuseppe Valentino

Giuseppe Valentino

Software Developer

Giuseppe Valentino is a full-stack developer with an affinity for mobile systems. He got his start by moving to NYC from Italy after selling his full stack mobile social network for art enthusiasts called UBQArt ( and hasn't looked back since. After freelancing and working for several clients and companies, Giuseppe decided it would be best to combine his passion for movement and technology to work on social networking for parkour enthusiasts. When not at work Giuseppe also enjoys playing blues guitar, mentoring at local hackathons, and learn new tech stacks

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  • Software Developer @ Revivn

    Revivn is a venture backed B-corp that provides computer recycling and repurposing services to major tech companies like Airbnb & Twitter, while talking to the founders and realized that inefficiencies in the manual pickup process of equipment was hurting their bottom line, and joined the company in order to build an iOS application to automate and streamline that process which has now improved productivity by 70%.

  • Remote Android Developer@ UBQArt

    Ubqart (Ubiquitous Art) is a new Mobile Social Network dedicated to art, populated by artists and their audience, built this social network approach to art since in my city Napoli there wasn’t much that could help museums and artist to showcase their skills, started in 2010 the app was then acquire by a museum consortium and now I am still working remotely for maintenance

  • Teaching Assistant @ CUNY

    ● Provided students with one-on-one tutoring and regular out of class assistance
    ● Lectured freshman-level Computer Engineering courses when professor was unavailable
    ● Provided a positive atmosphere to students learning the fundamentals of JAVA on coding
    ● Supervised lab sections for freshman-level Computer Engineering courses

  • Android Developer @ nivo

    nivo is the first mobile video platform entirely dedicated to YOUR sports performance. nivo is all about you and your best sports feats. I first downloaded the app to try it myself and then had a talk with the founders regarding the performance and the services I could offer to improve the user experience

    ● Worked closely with the team's UI/UX designer, backend software developers
    ● Created skeleton application UI & implementing fragments using Android SDK​.
    ● Worked on debugging the application using Logcat, DDMS
    ● Worked on integrating with Viddler and YouTube API (Play Services) to provide a better user experience
    ● Integrated the AWS API in the application providing access to ​Amazon Lambda​, ​S3​, ​DynamoDB


  • BMCC Manhattan College, New York, USA

    Associate Degree, Computer Science

  • Federico II di Sveva, Napoli, Italy

    Degree, Computer Enginnering

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Manhattan, New York

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I love to work, so don't be shy, I am just an email away.